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Education Support to Children – Star Adventure Asia Treks Realize the value of education to the poor children in the rural/remote area of Nepal as well as urban cities, who are unable to afford the school facility just because of their parents backwardness + low income. We are working out for the children and trying our best to give the education support. Star Adventure Asia Treks is working for the Higher studies to brilliant student who can’t afford the campus fee. Star Adventure Asia Treks + its members are very thankful to the donors for this kind social help to the children of remote Nepal.


Clothes Distribution: Star Adventure Asia Treks in coordination with its clients and well wishers has been collecting clothes and special dresses from abroad and distributing to local villagers and students.


Support to the Community: Star Adventure Asia Treks always ahead to support to the community (in the remote village/or settled in the Kathmandu city) and be the part of it. Our goal to give the cummunities:


Promote community development without destroying traditional ways of life & culture.

To educate remote village communities on the importance of the education, English language and literacy, hygiene and sanitary living, environmental management. To bring modren knowledge, care methodology and experience on a variety of education and health matters to the village communities.

To introduce volunteers to the richness of Nepali culture and ensure a safe and memorable stay in a supportive environment.


How you can help this Social Support Mission:

During your trek period you can involve in voluntary programs such as teaching in remote schools in Mountains, helping in health projects or as per your interest.


Financially helping to our charity Star Adventure Asia Treks Social Support, So we can do organize various programs such; build school, health camps in remote villages, water supply, educate village children


Recommending us (Star Adventure Asia Treks (P) Limited) to the people you meet who are interested to visit Nepal for trekking/ volunteer.

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